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Many people say that their cats are jealous when they behave cruelly or cruelly to a third party, whether we are talking about a female, a dog or a person. However, is it true that cats are jealous, or are we dealing with a different personality?

In this issue of AnimalWised, we will show if cats are jealous, how to identify the characteristics of jealousy in this breed, and what to do when faced with behaviors that we consider to be inappropriate. Don’t miss it!

Jealousy in the middle

First, we need to ask ourselves if it is right to emphasize that a Jealous Cats as “jealousy” is a feeling and a feeling that until recently it was considered to be exclusively human. But if we dig deeper into that real jealousy, we understand that it is important to regulate the emotional response in friendly animals.

However, although the pet is a solitary animal, animal care has allowed the animals to receive valuable benefits through social participation, in addition to those that are protected during breeding, such as human habitation, food, shelter, and care. . Or with other pets, they become an important source of enrichment.

In this way, the cat finds a person or animal as a “reference number” that corresponds to, interacts with, and handles daily interactions. Technically, a reference number is known as a special companion and, as we have said, can be another cat, dog, or person. It is, in short, a social setting in which a cat feels safe, and thus able to be a curious cat. On the contrary, “social rivalry” is the number that stands between the two and in front of it can express what we interpret as the practice of jealousy, that is, denial and cruelty.

Thus, although it is common to talk about dog jealousy, as there are studies that use this term (however much more widely discussed), there is no clinical presentation of etiology in pets, so it may be a vague term though. today.

Still, there are many owners who claim that their animals are jealous. In fact, the study collected the characteristics of different animals that showed similarities between them, also showing the presence of secondary sensations in non-primates animals.

Symptoms of a jealous cat

Without scientific studies to support the existence of jealousy in domestic cats, it is difficult to find a practice that can warn us of the appearance of jealousy in cats, however, if we look at those common behaviors in dogs or horses. , we emphasize the following.

The cat is jealous of its behavior:

The feline searches for a constant reference to the “reference figure”.

Beware of the association of “reference figure” and “social rival”.

It affects the relationship between the “reference figure” and the “social rival”.

Perform negative gestures or even show hostility to a “social rival”.

Why are cats jealous?

What we may see as jealousy in cats can be a variety of health problems caused by the lack of contact with the cat puppy; and the appearance of fear due to adverse events or territoriality, among others. But, considering that cats are jealous; below we will talk in detail about the most common cases. That can cause cats to show “jealousy” in front of a third person and what we should do:

  • Cat Jealousy:

The handling and birth of a baby involves a great loss from the valued relationship partner, and, moreover, many parents often insult their birds when they reach the newborn with a passion, which often results in bad relationships. with a child. It is important to avoid punishment, fighting, or shouting at these times.

  • Cat jealousy for couples:

many people find that a cat is jealous of a boy or a girl; but in this case, we are talking about a situation that often causes a “funny” situation. In order to motivate themselves unknowingly, something that is not only encouraged; but even more dangerous.

  • Cats jealous of another cat:

We once explained that cats are just animals, but you should also know that they have a environment. For this reason, the adjustment of a new person in the house is often difficult; when one of the females is in its developmental stage. Different negative behaviors can be seen as aggression, spite, fear, or depression.

  • Cat envy:

especially in cats that are not friendly to dogs in the early stages; dog grooming often causes severe anxiety; as the lack of knowledge of the body language of this breed, exacerbates the seriousness. Size, it also causes, fear, depression or cruelty among other behavioral problems. Now we know how to identify the causes and symptoms of “jealousy in cats”; however, what should we do if this happens? In the next section, we will talk about that.

How to treat a jealous cat?

Most people don’t know what to do with a Jealous Cats, is that your story? First of all, especially when it comes to baby cats’ jealousy. It will be important to take proper precautions to prevent the cat from biting the little one. We will prevent feline from reaching the baby’s room.

In simple cats we can try to work with the cat ourselves, trying to create a social rival, making its shape change into exciting events. We can use sweets, sweets, or kind words. It is also possible to use stabilizing pheromones to improve their quality of life through users or cells. If he gets angry, we will try to calm the jealous cat by leaving him alone; thus giving him calmness and security.


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