Anker’s new $8 accessory adds MagSafe to ordinary iPhone 12 and 13 cases



Apple’s quick-charging MagSafe feature allows you to magnetically attach accessories like wallets and charge pucks to the back of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 — but most normal phone cases block the magnet built into the phone, forcing you to use a special, MagSafe-enabled case.

Now, Anker has a solution: a magnetic ring that sticks to the back of the case, bringing MagSafe back into play.


The included alignment guides will help ensure that you place the ring in the right spot.


Dubbed the Anker 310 Magnetic Ring, the device is up for sale now on Amazon at an asking price of $8. With an adhesive on one side, you’ll use an included alignment tool to stick the ring onto the correct spot on the back of your case. From there, you’ll be able to add MagSafe accessories to the back of your phone, or charge your phone with a MagSafe connection right through the case. And, should you decide to switch cases, Anker says that the ring’s adhesive is removable and reusable.

One caveat: The ring won’t work if your case is too thick, or if it has a textured back.

“Phone cases that have an uneven surface or exceed 2mm in thickness, such as Otterbox defender cases, are not recommended for use,” Anker says.

You’ll also need an iPhone 12 or 13, as earlier iPhone models don’t include built-in MagSafe support.

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