‘Anarchist’ Delhi govt for which Constitution does not matter: BJP on language row at hospital

Slamming the Delhi government over a hospital circular that asked nursing staff not to speak in Malayalam at work, the BJP on Sunday said this was ironical that it requested Kerala for oxygen when in need it during the Covid crisis and has now attempted to snatch its peoples’ right to speak in their language with each other.

With the Delhi government-run G B Pant hospital now revoking the order and promising strict action in the matter after a row erupted over its earlier circular, BJP spokesperson Tom Vadakkan said the “withdrawal in a haste clearly indicates we have an anarchist state government for whom the Constitution of India and its recognized language do not matter.”

He added, “It is an irony that when this government was in need of oxygen, the request was directed to Kerala and now comes their attempt to snatch their right to speak in Malayalam amongst each other.”

Globally, he said, the largest number of nurses come from Kerala, and they have served our country as frontline workers along with doctors and other paramedics.

They suffered casualties along too, Vadakkan said, adding that he was surprised at the “deafening silence” from the Kerala government on the matter.

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