Aircon Services: What are They, and Why are They Needed?

Air conditioners

Air conditioners are modern marvels that keep us cool throughout the heat of the summer months. In tropical climates, you would most likely find an air conditioning system in every home, office, and commercial space to cool off the space amidst the heat. 

In the US, more than 80% of households have at least one air conditioning unit in their home. Malls, theme parks, and hotels often have air conditioning as part of their perks to pull in more customers. Same goes for offices that provide their employees with air conditioning to keep the area cool, and to keep employees productive as they don’t have to worry about the heat. 

Air conditioners are becoming essential as the weather gets warmer, which is why maintaining the good condition of your air conditioner is important. Aircon service companies exist solely for this purpose. As more and more households and commercial spaces install air conditioners, they would need cleaning, repair, and maintenance services to upkeep these devices. 

Air Conditioner Cleaning

One of the reasons to get aircon services is cleaning. As average consumers, we don’t exactly have a good grasp of the mechanics of an air conditioner, and we aren’t expected to. We can easily clean the filter, wipe down the exterior of the unit, and even hose off the outdoor unit, but most of us would not be knowledgeable enough about aircons to clean the interior. 

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This is why we need to avail of the services of professional air conditioning in Buderim at least once or twice a year. Air conditioner cleaning is essential in keeping each mechanism and part functioning properly. Luce Aircon is the leading aircon servicing company that provides cleaning, diagnostic, and repair services across all AC brands. Visit website here to find out more. 

You’ll need to know what your air conditioner needs as there are two types of cleaning methods used in aircon cleaning: 

General Cleaning

A general cleaning involves the removal of dust and grime from each part of the air conditioner. This includes cleaning the condenser coils, evaporator coils, condenser, fan, and other parts that may accumulate dust and dirt as you continue to use your air conditioner. 

The technician will remove the housing of the unit, and manually clear the dust from each part using a cleaning solution or compressed air. They may also top up the oil on any moving parts to ensure these work smoothly. General cleaning should be done twice a year, more if the air conditioner is used often.

Chemical Wash/Overhaul

For air conditioners that haven’t had a chance to be cleaned in a long time, these units may require a chemical wash or a chemical overhaul to refresh the parts of the air conditioner, and clean out deep-seated grime from them. A chemical cleaning uses a mixture of cleaning solutions to safely remove the grime from each individual part of the unit. 

Air Conditioner Diagnostics

Sometimes, our air conditioners could be on the fritz. They may not cool the room properly, or a noxious odor could be coming from your AC unit. In these cases, having a trusted aircon servicing company on hand is helpful to have your unit checked immediately.

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Troubleshooting Problems

The technician should be able to find out the problem with your unit. Oftentimes, air conditioners malfunction due to one or more parts that need replacement, cleaning, or just a slight adjustment to get the air conditioner going again. 

The technician would first check all the possible causes of the problem, starting with common causes to much more technical problems. The issue will determine what kind of problem your air conditioner might be having, and how the technician can solve it. 

Common Air Conditioner Problems

Common AC problems include a dirty filter, which can be cleaned at home, busted fan motor, malfunctioning condenser, broken coils, low refrigerant levels, power outages, and more. Different brands of AC units also have different common problems, so it is best to know the brand before purchasing your unit. 

Air Conditioner Repair

Lastly, aircon servicing also involves repairing any found issues with your unit. After the technician has diagnosed the root cause of the problem, they will start to make the necessary fixes to repair the unit. You’ll have a better-working unit afterwards, and as long as you maintain the unit well, it should last you for years to come!