Addiction To Ambien – Saving Yourself From Hell

Most people with Ambien addiction will tell you how innocent their start was. They couldn’t sleep and felt under-rested most of the time. So, they saw a doctor who prescribed a z-drug (Zolpidem) to them, known as Ambien.

They took it and found themselves sleeping quite well at night. Naturally, they felt energetic during the day after a full night of restful sleep. All went on fine till it was time to meet the doctor again as the medicine had been prescribed for just a few days or weeks. 

The doctor advised tapering it off, which most users found difficult to do as they couldn’t manage the symptoms of Ambien withdrawal.

Getting hooked 

And therein lay the rub. This drug causes dependence in the body. If someone takes it regularly, the body develops tolerance to its dosage till it starts needing more to create the same effects as the previous dose. 

And if you would try to reduce the dose or worse, go cold turkey, your body will react adversely to it. Some withdrawal symptoms of Ambien are quite severe and you should ideally seek medical help, preferably at a South Dakota drug rehab center, to successfully rid your system of this drug.

Medically assisted detoxification helps the body to slowly acclimatize itself to the absence of the drug and prevents any dangerous complications from occurring.  

In case you are wondering about the duration of withdrawal symptoms, they vary quite a bit. Some users face them for just a few days while for some they may go on for weeks. The simple rule here is heavy users who’ve been taking it for a longer duration will have more intense symptoms, while light users who have taken it for a shorter time period will face fewer, less intense symptoms.

You can call up an Addiction Hotline if you require assistance in getting rid of this drug from your system. Do know that you are not alone at any time and help is always near you.

Abusing Ambien

As explained, this medicine is given to patients with insomnia to help them sleep. Some addicts abuse this drug by taking it and then purposefully not sleeping. What happens then is they feel energetic and euphoric, or buzzed in common parlance. Some go a step further and take it with alcohol to heighten its effects. 

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This may cause severe health complications, such as difficulty in breathing, memory problems, and enhanced drowsiness. It is never a good idea to abuse the medicine in such a way.

You should immediately search for a ‘drug rehab near me’ if you feel the urge to take more than the recommended dose or do any of the above-mentioned acts.

You shall receive the best possible medical help to detoxify your system and get started on the journey back to normalcy.


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