What Are the Benefits of Using a Flat Cord Power Strip? 

In many homes, power strips are essential since it is the bridge to allow the connection of multiple devices to share power. However, many deem them unnecessary unless they need to connect multiple devices to the power source.  

Operating many devices can be a challenge, especially if you need to use all of them simultaneously. Operating multiple devices also raises power challenges, especially the amount of energy consumed by each device. A flat power strip can solve these challenges and many more.  


What is a power strip? 

It is a special extension cord with extra outlet spaces to fit additional devices. One of the most common power strips is the flat power strip. It is referred to as the flat power strip because it has a flat, non-protruding plug. They are usually plugged onto the wall, and you can also connect extension cords to them to transfer power to other devices.  

Many people prefer it because you can plug in multiple devices without disconnecting or removing any device to avoid situations like overload. They are suitable for connecting multiple devices to a single power source. This makes them suitable for entertainment needs such as powering an entertainment rack or a DJ booth.  


Benefits of flat cord power strip 


Unlike other power transmission and dissemination devices such as extension cords, the flat cord power strip enables you to simultaneously connect and operate multiple devices. Since it is plugged into the wall, you have the freedom to plug power extensions into it and connect all the devices you need. The multiple outlets also enable you to connect multiple devices without additional extensions. The devices can also draw the same amount of power without causing issues such as short-circuiting.  

Sometimes when we connect power strips to the main sockets, we have to push furniture such as seats or move them to a new location to give room for the plugs. This can be inconvenient to the house arrangement, especially when you have protruding plugs. Moving furniture and other devices around the house can affect various arrangements or peel off the painting, especially when moving wall units. The flat cord power strip has a flat plug that does not protrude; hence it does not require extra space to fit the wall. 


Devices safety 

They have special features that regulate the amount of power consumed by the devices hence limiting the occurrence of short-circuiting. Buying a flat cord power strip with a circuit breaker enables you to protect all your devices even when the power voltage supplied is higher than the anticipated amount.  

Having the strip is considered a safety measure for offices with multiple devices that require a stable power source for all the devices. It can also enable one to multitask and achieve various functions that require multiple systems operating simultaneously. For those planning or those engaged in remote work needs, the flat cord power strip can be a perfect connectivity device for various devices.  


Energy saving 

Most flat power strips can be classified as smart power strips. They come with special features that enable them to cut power supply to various devices on standby or sleep mode. Devices such as computers and televisions have various components that run as long as they are in sleep mode. These features are responsible for keeping the devices in sleep mode and maintaining low energy consumption. 

The flat power strip can detect when a device is on sleep or standby mode and cut the power supply to the device. This can be helpful when you forget to switch off the devices from the main power source, especially when headed to bed. The strip will instantly sense inactive devices and cut the power supply. It does not affect other devices that are currently operating. The smart sleep mode detection feature prevents excess consumption of energy. 


Savings on household expenses 

Energy bills contribute to some of the highest house bills. The flat power strip enables you to save on energy costs through its energy-saving capabilities. You can redirect the funds to other household needs. They can also help maintain an environmentally friendly house by ensuring the devices consume less energy. For those who suffer high energy bills due to leaving devices on, the power strip saves you the burden of worrying about the high energy costs.  


Situations when a flat power strip is necessary 

Flat power strip power strips may not suit all power connectivity needs; however, they are suitable for connecting devices close to each other that require power from a single source. This makes them suitable for connecting entertainment devices such as TV screens, Xbox, and other devices. 

While using the flat cord power strip, you need to observe the capacity to avoid overloading with multiple devices. Despite having a circuit breaker, overloading it can still lead to other unanticipated power connectivity challenges. 



 The flat cord power strip is essential in various ways, such as saving energy and reducing the home energy bills. They are also suitable for connecting multiple devices and ensuring they are safe from short-circuiting or overvoltage accidents. They can help you connect various devices without worrying about extra space to accommodate the plugs.  


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