A comprehensive Guide To Wireless Leased Line

Wireless leased lines are becoming popular in the business world, but you may need to know what they are? This article will explain all the things about them, and you will understand why business owners choose wireless leased lines over fibre leased lines. Without any delay, let’s take a closer look at the details of this connectivity solution to know how it is providing ultra-fast internet with low latency.

What Is A Wireless Leased Line?

A wireless dedicated internet line uses a microwave point to point link to deliver an ultrafast and uncontended connection. It is a secure connection between two sites. Many businesses are using this type of leased line throughout the UK because it offers several benefits over fibre internet lines. Wireless ones take less time to install, are cheaper and provide the same connectivity level as fibre optic leased lines.

Why Choose Wireless Dedicated Internet Line?

In this era of technology, almost all businesses need a reliable and high-quality internet connection to complete their day-to-day tasks efficiently. If your business is also internet critical, it is worth considering a dedicated connection. A wireless leased line can be a perfect solution for your business connectivity needs. It provides you with a dedicated connection that you do not need to share with other local users. It means you have guaranteed access to the internet 24/7. In addition, leased line providers offer an uptime exceeding 99.99%, which means that your worker never left waiting to complete their job. Furthermore, you can get symmetrical speeds of up to 10Gbps, and you can upload or download files within no time.

Are Wireless Leased Lines Affected By Weather?   

Because wireless dedicated internet lines use microwave radio links to deliver the internet, many people think that the weather can affect their performance. But it is not true if this business leased line is installed properly. You can come to know from many business users that wireless leased lines work efficiently in any weather condition. This is because they are backed up by a connection that uses radio frequencies that are not affected by weather conditions.                

It is a safe and secure connection that conforms to all the UK standards. It uses hardware that meets with health safety and environmental protection factors.

Advantages Of Wireless Leased Lines

The main advantage of choosing a wireless dedicated internet line over a fibre leased line is that it is cost-effective and takes less time to install. It is understood that a fibre optic dedicated internet line requires. The installation of new infrastructure and fibre optic cables, and it can take months to complete. In contrast, it takes only 14 days to set up a wireless leased line. Therefore, it saves time, and it is a very attractive thing for business owners.

You can get a dedicated connection that is not shared with any other local business. As a result, you can receive a fixed bandwidth and consistent speed all the time. Moreover, the upload and download speed is the same. You can transfer large files with clients or customers without wasting your time. This connectivity solution also does not have any issue with latency and typically provides lower latency than fibre.

From the above information, we have come to know that a wireless leased line offers the same advantages as a fibre leased line, and you can get it in less time and cost. However, it depends on your business requirement. Location of your business premises that which type of dedicated internet line will suit you the most.


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