A bunch of large Yankee Candles are only $10 today


Yankee Candle

There are a lot of ways to prepare your mind for the holiday season, but few are as effective as filling your house with warm and cozy scents. Lots of people love Yankee Candle, but the bigger jar candles are often expensive enough that you’ll only want one or two of them. Today, Boscovs has a selection of large holiday jar candles for only $10, which is too good to pass up. Here are the scents you can get on a discount today:

If you want something for your car and don’t feel like that’s a good place for fire to be, you can also get 50% off the Sparkling Cinnamon air freshener to hang around your rear-view mirror. All of this comes together to make a solid way to save cash on some decent scents before the holidays. 

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