9 Advantages Of Using CBD Products For Health 

In a world engulfed by a pandemic, it is ironic that we have been obsessed with health trends for a good decade. From chia seeds to avocado, almond milk, and matcha, we are always looking for the next big health trend that can propel our wellness to the next level.

Although our well-being requires more than one trending item to farewell, there is one item in the market proving to have a range of physical and mental health benefits, and its name is CBD. 


CBD: Is it a trending fad or a potent natural compound?

Although CBD comes from a less than reputable family, it is a remarkable natural compound that will not make you high. This cannabinoid comes from the cannabis Sativa plant species, but hemp-derived CBD with less than 0.2 percent THC has no intoxicating psychoactive effects. Moreover, this cannabinoid cannot cause paranoia or an overdose.  


CBD works its magic through the endocannabinoid system. The ECS is a molecular system with its central role of keeping the body in a constant state of homeostasis–optimal balance.

The ECS uses its receptors to trigger change when necessary, by maintaining balance in the body temperature, appetite, sleep, hormones, etc. CBD works by signaling to the receptors and encouraging change.

Thanks to its lack of euphoric effects, many countries have legalized CBD, leading to an industry boom. As a result, purchasing CBD products is now a safer and more efficient process.

Premium brands are offering exciting new ways to try CBD, everything from gummies to chocolate, vape liquids, skincare products, oil tinctures, and the list goes on. For the best CBD experience, explore CBD Genesis collection today. 


Nine health benefits of using CBD 

CBD versus stress 

Stress is vital for survival, but when we become chronically stressed, we overproduce the cortisol hormone and keep ourselves in a constant battle between fight or flight. This persistent state of emergency leaves you chronically tired and more prone to weight gain and mental health disorders. CBD can help by managing the stress hormone and preventing it from being overproduced. 


CBD versus anxiety

Anxiety disorders are common, but that does not make them less overwhelming. Although external factors can cause anxiety and lead us to experience panic attacks, often, an adequate level of serotonin is what we need to keep fear at bay.

Serotonin is a critical neurotransmitter. Referred to as the happy chemical, it keeps anxiety symptoms to a minimum. Researchers believe that CBD can signal to the receptors to better use the serotonin present in the body or encourage the body to produce more of this chemical. 


CBD versus pain 

Although there are various painkillers in the market, it is not always possible or safe to take them for a long time. But when you are dealing with chronic pain, you need something potent and does not cause adverse side effects. Preliminary research shows how CBD is tenfold more potent than morphine to manage pain thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties. 


CBD versus sleep 

Many are turning to CBD to help them deal with insomnia. This natural compound can cut down on the REM sleep cycle to provide a deeper type of sleep. Although it is not recommended as a long-term solution, CBD can help you sleep if you are dealing with PTSD and experiencing nightmares on a nightly basis. 


CBD versus addiction 

In one outstanding clinical trial involving opioid addicts, researchers noted how helpful CBD is to beat addiction. After a CBD dose, opioid addicts were better able to handle their withdrawal symptoms, including anxiety, and manage their cravings. Also If you are a pet lover you can check for pitbull corgi mix


CBD versus skin disorders

As a potent antioxidant, this natural compound has the potential to make the skin appear less dull and reduce the visibility of wrinkles. More importantly, researchers believe that CBD can lower the symptoms of skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.  


CBD versus epilepsy 

An extensive body of research on CBD‘s power on seizures has led the FDA to approve the first-ever CBD-based drug to treat two rare forms of epilepsy. When taken with traditional epilepsy medication, this CBD-based drug is helping epilepsy patients to feel better psychologically as well as physically. 


CBD versus diabetes

Diabetes is known as an inflammatory condition, and thanks to CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties, people with diabetes can lower the risk of diabetic complications. Moreover, preliminary studies show CBD’s potential to balance blood sugar in people dealing with type two diabetes. Researchers conducted this study on those who were not taking insulin. 


CBD versus focus

Although it works well to help you fall asleep quickly, CBD is also an excellent energy-boosting compound when taken in low doses. CBD is an incredible tool to promote focus. This natural compound eliminates so many elements in our lives that cause distraction, including stress, anxiety, and cravings. When we experience fewer adverse distractions, we are more likely to focus on the present moment. For this reason, many are pairing this natural compound with mindfulness habits such as meditation and yoga. 



Health is priceless, and it takes more than one habit to feel well emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. CBD cannot be your only answer to your health issues. However, it is a potent tool that can eliminate the distractions in your life and help you understand what you need to live a healthier life. 


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