8 Reasons To Use Eco-Friendly Products At Home

Today we, together with the Royal Craft Wood company – royalcraftwood.com, will talk about how to try to get a little closer to nature and start taking care of it.

Taking care of

the planet is the number one priority for us, as the effects of human presence today kill up to 100 million marine animals annually, and the amount of forests is reduce by 58,000 square miles every year. One kilogram of rubbish is produce by each human being on a daily basis; about 2 billion tons of waste is created each year. 16 percent of the population from nations with a good level of life generates a third of all garbage. Furthermore, trash production is expect to rise by a further 70% in the coming years, according to current projections.

However, environmental stewardship is quickly rising to the top of the priority list for many businesses. Moreover, the green economy has the potential to become the dominating sector of the next decade, attracting investment, spawning start-ups, and resulting in significant technical advances.

You can save

up to 25% on your electricity bill per year using energy-efficient kitchen appliances. Saving $2,500 and helping the planet sounds good, doesn’t it?

Reusing and eliminating single-use packaging has the potential to reduce the impact of plastic on our environment. If all residents of your neighborhood would refuse single-use packages or reduce their use to a minimum, you would see that your area became much cleaner after 3 months.

Use environmentally

friendly detergents for your kitchen. This will allow you to protect yourself from pesticides and chemicals harmful to your health and reduce your waste of plastic packaging. 

Detergents are usually sale in plastic bottles, and we also try to avoid using them when cleaning. So it is best to use homemade cleaning products based on soda, etc. They will not only be more environmentally friendly but will also be much cheaper! And when cleaning, try switching from paper towels to classic cotton ones.

When getting rid of plastic at home, finding an alternative to food storage is often tricky. When storing vegetables, a plastic bag is indispensable, and when freezing, there is no substitute for bags with a zipper … Is it possible to organize a kitchen without plastic at all? It’s certainly not that difficult at all! It is worth remembering a few basic rules.

Paper bags can be successfully used instead of plastic ones. For example, you can store avocados in them, which will rip faster, and they are also ideal for storing dried mushrooms. Salads and prepared meals that need refrigerated can be stored in glass jars. They are also helpful for storing herbs. Also significant are the wooden crates (for hard fruit and vegetables) and the mesh potato sacks our grandmothers used – and they’ll fit right into the kitchen or pantry.

When buying fruits or vegetables already in packages, most people also pack them in bags, forgetting that some have their own protective barrier and no additional packaging is required. It is better to take your bag, paper or cotton bags, or a basket when going to the market. This way, you won’t bring home unnecessary plastic packaging.


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