8 Best Editing Tools for Video Marketing

You must incorporate video marketing in your promotional strategies. Today’s modern viewers love watching videos on social media and other platforms. If you fail to do so, you will lose out on opportunities. After all, videos increase traffic, generate leads, boost sales, and help viewers understand your products or services. Thankfully, you can get more inspiration from a video maker online with free-themed templates.

With this nifty digital solution, there’s no reason for your video ideas to fun dry. Besides, a tool like this makes it easy to create a video with just a few clicks of the mouse. In fact, creating a video may now be much easier than writing a blog post or crafting a witty tweet. On top of that, many video maker online tools come with affordable prices, making it so much easier than ever to edit videos. Check out these 8 video editing tools to create stellar clips for your video marketing campaigns. 

1. Promo.com

Promo proves to be one of the best free editing tools out there. In fact, the brand lives up to its name to help you create the best promotional videos for social media, websites, and whatever platform you desire. With this video maker online, you don’t have to stress about video creation because it comes with a very easy user interface. Best of all, they have free access that allows you to create stunning clips. 

Notably, they don’t impose a Promo watermark on all your videos, unlike other editors. This means nothing will distract your clients from enjoying your full video. This tool is the easiest way to create videos, even with captions. Just upload your chosen clip or choose from the images and video library. From there, you can add the following with a click of a button:

  • Music
  • Sound effects
  • Fonts
  • Animation 
  • Transitions
  • Stickers

If you want to enjoy more features, you can also take advantage of the higher tiers. It’s easy on the pocket and won’t break the bank. 


2. ChimpChamp Create

This tool is another generous and easy-to-use video maker online. They offer a free plan that allows you to create unlimited video projects. You get access to the basic editing tools that export your own videos at 480pm only, without a watermark. However, if you use any of their stock footage and pictures, they will impose a ChimpChamp watermark. 

If you want to enjoy more features, you can upgrade to their Business or Premium tiers. It opens up more features to their library and allows you to export videos at a much higher resolution. Moreover, the paid features include the following: 

  • Video compressor
  • Webcam corder
  • Video converter
  • More effects

3. Quick by GoPro

If you’re looking for a quick way to create and share from your smartphone and GoPro device, Quickie by GroPro lives up to its name. You don’t have to edit GoPro footage to use this app. Besides, it is worth noting that videos edited with this video maker online won’t have any watermark. 

However, Quick is more simplistic and doesn’t provide many features unlike the top tools listed here. The goal of this app is to let you curate work with the least amount of effort. Thus, it auto analyzes whatever footage you upload. From there, it selects the best moments and incorporates its own chosen effects and transitions. The tool will also sync up the footage to music. Although it is very handy, it does limit your freedom especially when you have a vision in mind for your video marketing campaign. 

4. Adobe Premiere Clip

This video maker online is a mobile editing tool that’s available as an app on Android and iOS. It’s very handy if you’re on the go because you can select images and clips from your gallery. From there, this tool creates an automatic video. 

Alternatively, you can also customise your video clip with limited features. This tool allows you to do the following:

  • Change the music
  • Edit images 
  • Tweak clips
  • Add a title
  • Put in transitions

Adobe Premiere Clip

5. Typito

If you’re looking for an easy online video maker, Typito is the answer. They have a free plan that allows you to edit as much as you like. And true to its name, they help you create a branded banner for your videos. Type up the words to include in your banner for easy recognition on social media. 

On top of that, this tool helps you resize videos into seven various sizes with a click of the mouse. How cool is that! However, Typito comes with a watermark, which you can remove from your video by paying $5. 

6. Kapwing Montage Maker

Combine videos, images, and gifs into an amazing slideshow with the help of Kapwing Montage Maker. This video maker online tool comes with basic editing features. Although it doesn’t come with tons of bells and whistles, it is very easy to use, allowing to create the following orientations: 

  • Square
  • Vertical
  • Horizontal

However, this tool puts the Kapwing watermark on all your videos, which can be very distracting if you’re trying to generate brand awareness. You can pay $6 per video to remove the watermark or pay the $20 monthly subscription fee. 

7. Video

This cool tool offers drag-and-drop functionality, making it super easy to use. You can resize your videos with just a click to tailor-fit them to your chosen social media platform. However, the free plan lets you create 10 videos only. Besides, you can export 2 minute long videos with a not-so-stellar video definition quality. 

On top of that, your output will carry a Wave.video watermark. Also, you can only upload 10 footage, 20 images, and 10 audio clips with 500MB max each. You can use what’s in their library for a fee. 

8. Biteable

Finally, Biteable is a video maker online solution for various types of videos. This is a very easy tool that newbies can use. However, their free plan will have a watermark. Moreover, you can only share it using a Biteable link, which may not be the best option for promoting your business. 

On top of that, you cannot use your own clips on the free plan. If you want to use your own footage and pictures, plus gain more access to features, you need to upgrade to the Biteable premium version. It’s not the handiest tool for businesses with a limited budget. 



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