7 Helpful Online Resources for Successful Students

Searching things up on the internet is one of the first life skills people adopt in their childhood nowadays. Because if you don’t know how to google information, you will be far behind your peers in terms of knowledge and culture. From memes and TV series to academic courses, online resources are an invaluable part of modern life. And when you’re in college, you have to know, which resources provide the best and most convenient ways of educating yourself. Some people spend days just figuring out, which of the billion websites will be helpful to them. So, to save you trouble, we compiled 7 helpful online resources for successful students.

Open Culture

This resource has a plethora of educative articles that give you more in-depth context about historical events, scientific facts, etc. You will find a big repository of free movies on Open Culture, both fiction and documentary. The site offers a wide range of language lessons and resources, among which you can even find Biblical Greek and Hebrew. It also works as an online library with tons of audiobooks and e-books for you to read. And, of course, there are free courses on every subject. Such as political science, Art&History, Writing&Journalism, Data Science, and many more. Most of them come in the form of iTunes or YouTube videos or audio materials.


This eLearning platform was founded as a startup in 2012 and grew to be one of the best online resources for students. Its strength is in more than 4000 universities that offer courses through Coursera. After finishing these interactive courses, you receive a certificate that would complement your degree really well. Coursera has a social platform as well, where you can share your opinions on the subject and participate in academic discussions. You will find all kinds of courses on this resource. Starting with hard skills like 3D modeling or accounting and finding broader topics, such as The Science of Well Being. Some courses are free, so it’s a great opportunity for any student.

Assignment writing services

A big part of the student population is international students who seek education beyond the borders of their native countries. But one of the main issues such students face is the language barrier. Educational systems don’t really have much support designed for non-native English speakers when it comes to writing essays and dissertations. If you are an international student, or generally a person who values time and wants to delegate extra college assignments to professionals, there exist two invaluable best essay writing service resources:

  • – this UK service has top-quality support and offers free revisions to your order. You can delegate your academic assignment to this service with confidence.
  • – this essay writing service employs only professionals with more than 3 years of experience. All of them have master’s or Ph.D. degrees and provide outstanding work to students.


This resource is one of the largest certifying organizations in the world. Alison provides more than 3000 courses free of charge. The only payment you would need to make is a purchase of a printed or digital certificate that you have completed the course, which usually costs 39 euros. You can study in the browser or download an app. The goal of is to provide education to everybody. 


Is the number one online tool for all who have to do with writing. For free, you can have your grammar and spelling checked and the tool will catch all of the mistakes. You can do it directly in the browser, in a desktop app, or use an integrated grammar checker. If you choose to spend 30 dollars a month to purchase premium, you will receive style and genre advice and other in-depth writing assistance. Plagiarism checker and synonym adviser are also great features of Grammarly premium. When you write an essay or a thesis paper, always run them through Grammarly.

Khan Academy

This is a non-profit organization created in 2008 by Salman Khan. It aims to provide free education to any person willing to learn. This resource comes in a form of mini-lectures consisting of YouTube videos. Khan Academy covers most of the school and college curriculum, as well as some additional subjects above them. For example, Life Skills courses will teach you how to find a good college, how to pay for it, how to start your career, personal finances management, and many more. If you feel incompetent in the area of taxation, you can easily educate yourself at Khan Academy.


This is the best tool for testing yourself. With GoConqr you can create mind maps, quizzes, flashcards, slides, and more. In addition to that, you can find information organized by other students and teachers. You can share your testing material with your friends or people around the world. It has a very affordable subscription plan and offers you plenty of features to educate yourself and help others acquire knowledge.

Bottom line

If you’ve come this far to read this article, you have already done a great service to your self-education. Use these resources to your advantage and your student success will be inevitable. Check the grammar of your essays with writing assistants. Delegate your extra assignments to professionals to save time. Create mind maps and slides to memorize information. Watch professional courses on the best online resources out there. And receive certificates to back up your degrees. The internet is full of information. The catch is in effectively finding it.


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