7 Best Roofing Companies In 2022 You Should Know About

If you own a house, among the essential decisions you’ll make is finding a contractor for your roofing needs. Roofing is a significant component of every home. It helps create a comfortable, healthy, and beautifully complete house

But with so many roofing companies, which one do you go with? Well, if you’re in such a predicament, you’re in the right place to find out more. Here is a compilation of seven of the best roofing service providers who will care for your every need, from gutter services to residential roof repair and installation. 

Stonecreek Roofing  

There’s no qualified roofing company from the state of Arizona other than Stonecreek Roofing. The company is taking over 2022 by storm since it installed more than 5 000 roofs in 2021. You’d be hard-pressed to find a fully licensed, insured, and bonded roofer like them. 

Stonecreek roofing has a KB1 license, the highest license credential out of Arizona. This means they can technically build skyscrapers— but they prefer roofing. What makes Stonecreek roofing an incredible choice is their GAF Master Elite Certification. It’s among five of thousands of roofing companies in the state of Arizona.

Stonecreek Roofing offers its clients some of the highest warranties— as high as a 25-year warranty on workmanship and a lifetime warranty for materials through their Gold Pledge program. This roofing company also offers a $ 500 rebate for all policemen, firefighters, veterans, and first responders. This is a way of thanking all of them for their service. 

Coverall Roofing 

Coverall Roofing is comprised of an experienced team of roofers out of Toronto. They have over three decades of experience in the roofing service industry and a range of commercial and residential roofing services. These include tile, slate, shingle, cedar, and flat roofing. 

Coverall Roofing has excellent customer service, fast turnaround times, flawless installation, and expert advice on every job they do.  

They also help with roof maintenance, repairs, fascia, soffits, siding sunlight installation, and so much more. If you’re in the market for an experienced and trustworthy roofing company, contact them and get a free quote to see if they’ll suit your needs. 

Tecta Roofing Cooperation  

Tecta Roofing Cooperation is a leading commercial roofing company that offers restoration, installation, and replacement of roofs across the United States. They install both residential and commercial roofs with unmatched mastery. The company has sufficient mechanization and workforce to handle any complex roofing projects.  

They have over 60 years of experience, and they are driven by professionalism, dedication, expertise, and quality. Tecta has over 3500 roofing professionals and is also found in more than 70 locations, ready to answer any questions you may have. 

CMR Roofing 

CMR Roofing is one of the leading roofing companies in the US. It was founded in 2002, and its main objective is to offer comprehensive roofing solutions to homeowners. CMR provides various roofing services, from repairs to gutter installation, and replacements.  

In addition, they offer free consultations and inspections to their customers. They have an outstanding reputation and are praised by many customers for their unmatched work ethic. 

Every client is matched with a representative who helps them match their needs to the right representative. CMR roofing also allows clients to file and negotiate insurance claims when needed. 

RoofConnect Roofing 

RoofConnect is one of the best roofing companies of 2022. The company entered the roofing industry in 2002, and has been providing excellent roofing services ever since.  

They specialize in some services, including complete roof management, roof leaks, repairs and restorations, green energy solutions, and re-roofing.  

RoofConnect also has an emergency response team that is always ready to help fix a damaged roof. The company works hand-in-hand with some of the biggest roofing manufacturers to help clients get warranty repairs. This means that you’ll only pay for the repair if the warranty doesn’t cover you, and that’s a great idea if you’re on a budget with repairs. 

RoofConnect is always ready to help and is a call away regardless of the day— weekends and holidays too. 

Aspen Contracting Inc. 

Aspen Contracting Inc. offers several roofing services, including restorations and repairs of damaged roofs, new roof installations, and gutters’ siding for commercial and residential properties. 

The name Aspen is because of the robust tree, which has strong roots that practically allow it to survive any natural disaster. This is in line with Aspen Contracting Inc., as it is ready to tackle anything thrown at it. 

They use only the best products which guarantee durability and sustainability. 

CentiMark Corporation 

CentiMark Corporation is one of the largest roofing contractors nationally and among the best. It offers preventive maintenance, roof repairs, green roofing, metal roofing, and emergency response. 

CentiMark has over 3500 associates and more than 80 offices to deliver high-quality roofing services all over the nation. The company’s primary goal is to ensure your building is water-tight and your property safe. 


And there you have it, seven of the best roofing companies of 2022. Contracting any of these companies will ensure you have impressive satisfaction rates. When choosing a roofing company, ensure you check out their reviews and also learn of their prices. These two may help you make a sound decision. 


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