6 Instagram trends every brand should take advantage of

“It doesn’t make any difference in the event that you run an internet based store or a nearby bistro – assuming your image is undetectable via web-based media – you are losing clients. “This is what the agents of Code wise, the second-quickest developing innovation organization in Europe, express their opinion.

Nowadays, it is not enough to create a company profile on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. The active presence of companies on social media and the use of major trends has become crucial for the survival of any business.

It’s hard to keep pace with global trends in social media. As soon as you learn to use one feature, a new trend or tool appears and makes you start over. However, it is a game worth the effort.

Instagram is no exception. If you want to present yourself well, you need to know the latest trends. So what’s new on Instagram? Currently, we can distinguish six most important trends that everyone should know.

1. Shopping on mobile devices is getting easier with Instagram Stories

Instagram meets the needs of businesses and is becoming more and more convenient for businesses and salespeople. Thanks to ads and new features, you can take your account to the next level.

One of the most significant trends on Instagram is making online purchases from mobile devices easier and easier.

From 2018, the Instagram team allows online stores to add a link to a photo – in the form of a shopping bag icon – which, when clicked, takes those interested directly to the product page. You can mark up to 5 products in one photo.

If the user wants to make a purchase or learn more about the product – just click on the shopping bag icon in the photo in the lower left corner to go to the sales page.

How do I unlock this sales feature? You need to set up an Instagram store, which is very easy. Instructions here.

Marking products in your entries is not enough. It is also worth taking advantage of Instastories, which is gaining in popularity. According to statistics, in 2022, Instagram Stories is used by over 500 million users around the world every day (in 2018 it was less than 300 million), which is why they are becoming a significant trend that also greatly facilitates sales to companies present on Instagram.

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Free placement of links in published reports is now possible, not only for users with more than 10,000 followers. From October 2021, all users have been given this opportunity!

Thanks to the “LINK” sticker, you can transfer your recipients to the website with just one click!

2. Influence marketing is growing faster!

It is difficult to imagine the marketing industry without influencers – they set the paths worth taking, show useful tools and solutions ready to be used in many spheres of life. These are people active in social media who share a decent dose of knowledge based on their experiences almost every day.

Nowadays, brands are paying more and more attention to people with a small reach, that is, with a smaller but more engaged audience. Why? Such people can buy Instagram followers Pakistan.

Micro-influencers are also much more profitable in terms of finances. Cooperation with a profile followed by a million people can cost companies up to PLN 40,000 for one post placing their product on Instagram.

Working with people with influential positions, but with a smaller number of followers, is therefore much more effective for companies, both in terms of finance and efficiency. More and more companies use this group to promote their products and services online.

Are you a company looking for a micro-influencer in your industry? You can use platforms such as Idahos and Whiteness. These platforms connect brands with people related to their industry, who, thanks to engaged recipients, have an impact on purchasing decisions and are willing to cooperate with companies. You can also find influencers from the selected industry on your own, using the free  tool.

3. Instagram’s stats are more useful than you think

Profile statistics are the foundation of Instagram Marketing and a key benchmark. Thanks to the use of statistics, you have the opportunity to get to know your recipients better and adjust the content or promotional activities to their age, gender or place of residence. The statistics also allow you to check on which days and at what time your recipients are most active on Instagram.

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By publishing posts at the right time – you will get more engagement from your audience and increase the visibility of your posts.

In times of constant and constant changes in the Instagram algorithm, observing the analytical data of your account is especially important. This allows you to see how your audience responds to your profile content, allowing you to customize it to get the most engagement. Based on the statistics, you will find out which types of entries enjoy the highest audience engagement, and which ones are worth giving up. For example, if you post Instagram Reels get better visibility than traditional posts – your primary focus is creating reels. If the entries showing the work “from the back-office” gain more involvement than the entries with interesting facts about the company – limit the less engaging type of content. Continuous improvement of your content is the key to success.

4. Communication with recipients via direct messages is becoming easier

At the end of 2018, Instagram significantly facilitated communication with its customers on Instagram. First of all – by introducing flags and conversation filters. With this solution, you can flag the conversations you want to come back to. For example, these might be conversations with those users who asked for more details after submitting their initial offer. Now, even after a few days, you can easily filter out flagged conversations in progress – and in the event that the users have not yet converted into a customer when making a purchase – return to the conversation (perhaps by encouraging them with a discount code for shopping in your store or a free, several-day test of your service) ).

You no longer have to manually answer the most frequent user inquiries. Instagram’s “quick replies ” came to the rescue, thanks to which you can save your replies in the form of short templates. You can use them at any time of the conversation.

In order to configure quick replies – enter the direct messages’ module in the Instagram application and select the option “write quick reply”. Then just enter the full text of the answer and assign a shortcut to it.

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Thanks to this, instead of replying to messages manually – you choose the appropriate shortcuts to send full messages in a few seconds and you save time.

 5. Rollers are becoming a serious player

One of the most important features introduced on Instagram in 2021 is Instagram Reels. With Rolls, you can post videos vertically just like with TikTok.  Vertical orientation is used due to the habits of users of mobile devices. This is a great evolution on Instagram and a good opportunity to share YouTube Shorts videos or TikTok videos. According to Instagram experts, Reels may replace TikTok in the coming years. A similar situation occurred a few years ago when Instagram copied Snapchat’s key feature, which is stories that disappear after 24 hours. Snapchat was dethroned by Instagram Stories in just a few months.

Why Instagram Reels? Users love watching video content on their phone screens. Rollers allow you to create video in a vertical orientation that users like when viewing content outside the home.

 6. Instagram marketing is gaining in popularity

Unlike other major social media platforms, Instagram’s popularity is growing steadily and dynamically. It is i.a. the effect of “cutting” the reach of Facebook posts.

The growing popularity of Instagram is also a growing competition. The content is displayed on the basis of an algorithm created by Instagram, and as much as 70% of the content has never been seen by other users.

How to break through and reach new audiences? The solution is to increase the number of daily interactions with other users. By “stimulating” account activity, you will improve its visibility among the selected community on Instagram and make potential recipients from the selected community notice your profile. If the profile is kept systematically and in an interesting way – you can gain new followers from, then also new customers!

High profile activity among the selected community on Instagram can be carried out manually – in person or by delegating this process to the Social Media Agency, focusing on what is most important – i.e. creating engaging content for your profile.


Instagram’s trends are going to come up all the time, and not all of them are worth exploiting. Their selection depends on the type of your profile (private or business) and goals (personal or business).

However, the best thing you can do is stay up-to-date with social media trends. In this way, you will get all the necessary information and choose yourself which solutions to implement in your social media marketing strategy. Follow our blog and stay up to date!


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