5 Ways How Digital Biometric Solutions Help Prevent Online Frauds


There are a lot many technologies that different platforms use to safeguard themselves, their clients, and employees from fraud. The implementation of biometric authentication is gaining momentum as businesses look for strategies to combat rising attacks and frauds that lead to account takeovers and data breaches. 

Here’s how biometric services help in the prevention of online fraud. 

Address the Issue of Fragile Passwords

As per the DBIR report, 61% of the violations involved the credentials in 2020. This included the fragile connection in security- the passwords that were stolen by compromising users’ email accounts or by other kinds of social engineering attacks. 

Unlike passwords, the biometric authentication process counts on what you are and not what you know. It provides better security against attacks as you do not have to remember or share passwords that would be later used by hackers to access your account. Furthermore, biometric verification online cleans up the bad password practice like using the same passwords for multiple accounts and opting for easy passwords.  

Strengthens Verification 

MFA or “Multi-Factor Authentication” is a strategy of verifying any person’s identity using two or more two independent factors. Microsoft reports that the use of the second factor in verifying any person blocks 99.9% of the automated attacks. And the good thing is that users are shifting towards MFA and now 76% of the individuals say that they are using Multi-Factor Authentication for their personal as well as platform’s security. Still, all the MFAs are not equally effective because some of them use weak methods like passwords or text message-based single-time passwords. 

Moreover, two-factor or multi-factor authentication causes friction that annoys the users and prevents them from such broader adoptions. Thus, biometric authentication

not only has a high level of security but also provides a better user experience. The MFA services that biometric technology offers are a faster and easier solution as compared to one-factor password-based systems. For instance, integrating your mobile phone with a biometric system provides a strong authentication even without adding additional steps to the process. 

Stops Re-Verification Gaps 

Several circumstances demand the user to re-verify themselves such as when they purchase a new device or when they get logged out of the account. So, the solutions that involve one-time passwords, password reset links or knowledge-based authentication give rise to frauds. 

The bad actors having access to the phone number, mobile device, or your account just intercept those reset links to use them for their illicit purposes. There is one popular tactic used by the hackers that they claim they had a new device and just forgot their previous passwords. In that case, the contact center agent relies on knowledge-based authentication that is easier to circumvent which results in account takeovers.

The biometric identification solutions have just made the re-verification process easier to combat frauds. Firstly, they are never forgotten and do not require a reset. Secondly, they are not just constricted to a single device. They just remain a better authentication process even when the device is stolen or the password is forgotten. In case, if the individual has a new smartphone, the platform needs some other steps and just does not rely on unreliable authentication procedures. 

Detect Frauds in Digital Onboarding

Whenever anyone opens an account in the bank. they are asked to validate their identity to prevent any attacks and fraud. Traditionally, people were authenticated in person but with the face biometric identification online,  do not have to be there physically. They can be onboarded digitally by comparing their selfie with the photo that is present on their ID card. 

Ensure Presence of Users Through Biometric Liveness

The presence of any approved user can never be proved through passwords- only,  that they have the accurate credentials so they prove themselves against a claimed identity. Face and voice biometric verification is a unique way of authentication in this scenario because they make sure that the one who is trying to access the account is a match. And the liveness detection approves the user is really present.


Biometric solutions are a one-stop solution to prevent any bad actors from taking advantage of you or your organization. Biometric services have not solved the issue of weak authentication using passwords but also strengthened the verification procedure through MFA. Biometric verification online has just stopped the re-verification gaps, check frauds in the digital onboarding, and also ensure that the authorized user is presently using liveness detection. 


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