5 Various Types Of Lawyers & When You’ll Need Them

As you would expect, there are many different fields of law and each demands a high level of study for a lawyer to be able to practice their relevant field. To give you some idea of just how broad the field of law actually is, here are some of the more common ones, along with information about when you will need them.

  1. Criminal Lawyer – Of course, we all know about criminal law and while we all try to stay on the right side of the law, some people end up being arrested and charged for a criminal offence. In the unlikely event you are charged with a criminal offence, it is crucial that you do not talk to anyone until you talk with a lawyer. Of course, you should confirm your identity and acknowledge that you understand the charges, but outside of that, it is best to remain silent. There are 24/7 criminal lawyers and you should pre-source one, just to be on the safe side.
  2. Litigation Lawyer – A person can file a lawsuit against another person or a company and there can be many reasons for this. It might be to be compensated for a personal injury, or to collect a debt that a party does not wish to pay. It might be defamation of character, or medical negligence and if you would like to file a lawsuit against someone, you first need to seek the advice of a litigation lawyer like Vize Counselor. You can easily locate reputable lawyers near you through a quick online search. 
  3. Family Lawyer – Family law covers many things: divorce & separation, child support, property settlements, last will and testament, or even a will contestation. If a woman is seeking child support from her ex-partner, they would need to enlist the services of a family lawyer. A parent might need to seek a court order to prevent further physical attacks from an abusive partner and the family lawyer is the person to talk to in such a situation.
  4. Corporate Lawyer – This is a very complex field of law and when companies and corporations have disagreements, they hire corporate lawyers to represent them. Some of these conflicts can be settled out of court, which is much cheaper than asking a court to make a judgement, while some cases do reach the court and judges have to make big decisions that have serious consequences for the losing party.
  5. Real Estate Lawyer – When you wish to buy or sell real estate, you will need the services of a conveyancing solicitor, or property lawyer. The legal professional can carry out searches and surveys on any property you are thinking of buying, plus they can scan contracts to check all is well.
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As you can see, there are quite a few different fields of law and should you ever be in need of legal advice, don’t hesitate to contact a lawyer that practices that field. If you are living in Thailand, or any non-English-speaking country, it is important to seek out an English-speaking lawyer when you are in need of a legal professional.

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