5 uncomplicated ways To Grow Cannabis Inside Your House

Indoor cannabis cultivation is rapidly becoming a popular hobby for many. The enthralling feeling of growing and harvesting your herb stash can be addictive. If you are a cannabis enthusiast interested in sharing your home with a small set of cannabis plants, here are five uncomplicated ways to do so. 

1. Potted Plants In Your Closet 

If you have a spare closet you would like to put to good use, then this would be the perfect place to grow your weed plants. The first step is to evaluate the size of the closet and the whole plants it can hold. Make sure to go for strains that do not grow into dense plants for the best results. You can explore these varieties of products and quality tinctures by haute health

Germinate the seeds in a wet cloth or place them directly in the potting soil. Be careful to choose high-quality composted soil for the best benefits. 

Cannabis plants require higher temperatures from germination to vegetation stage. Your closet can provide the ideal temperature conditions for this. But, as the plant starts to flower, the temperature needs to be lowered. You can use the air conditioning in the room or add an air cooler near the closet for this purpose. 

Don`t forget the most important element for your plant, light. You can use petite LED lights that are easy to install and with power-saving benefits to light up your closet. The final thing to keep in mind is to install temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the levels at all times. 

2. Cozy Attic And Coconut Coir

Coco coir or coir peat consists of the husk of coconut that serves as a biodegradable alternative to growing plants without soil. Pith specifically has a large surface area and optimal water retention to encourage root oxygenation and nutrition absorption.

Growing cannabis in coconut coir in your attic can be an elegant and mess-free process. Watering becomes a breeze in this situation, and the yield is also healthy and contamination-free. The medium expresses the optimum pH, carries natural levels of potassium and phosphorus, and stays well moisturized to support the plant for long durations. All you need to provide is the right dose of nutrient cocktail over different growth stages and open a sunny window to encourage healthy growth. You can also install artificial lighting if necessary. 

3. Grow Tent In A Spare Space

If you can’t dedicate a bedroom in your home for growing weed, then a grow tent setup would be the ideal arrangement. You can place the tent preferably close to a bathroom to enjoy the added advantage of access to water and drainage. 

The advantage of using a grow tent setup is that you can invest in one that comes with embedded grow lights. The tent’s material enables you to balance the humidity effectively by opening or closing the entry point. Don`t forget the tents are portable, so you can pack them up when you don’t need them or move them to a new place such as your garage if you wish to. 

The most important point to remember while setting up a grow tent is to place the ventilation equipment carefully. The carbon filter from the crossbar should be in the center of the tent. The exhaust intake should face the filter, while the exit should point towards the ventilation opening of the tent. 

Grow tents are an awesome choice for your plants, but you should consider moving the pots outdoors or to a different place inside your home as the plants grow to reduce crowding and ensure a healthy yield. 

4. Grow Area In The Basement 

Home basements or cellars offer the optimal environment for cannabis growth. They are usually sealed from the outside environment and have no light or pest interference. The temperature is also low and can therefore compensate for the heat from the grow lights. 

You can try both soilless and soil as medium cultivation in this space. Make provisions to dehumidify the area and ensure optimal climate control at all times. Adding additional equipment like space heaters may be necessary, especially during winters, to keep the plant warm and comfortable for healthy growth. The yield might be substantial considering the size of your basement but will definitely require constant monitoring and extra care. 

5. Drip Hydroponics In Garage 

Your garage is also an appropriate place to achieve your cannabis cultivation dream. They are typically large and therefore offer scope for more plants to grow. 

A sealed structure is necessary for healthy cannabis growth. Therefore ensuring extra layers of insulation in your garage needs to be a priority. A drip line hydroponics setup for your cannabis would be a good choice. You can choose a reservoir tank that can fit elegantly within the space. The advantage of such a setup is that it eliminates the need to invest in drainage, plumbing, and other works required to prepare the room extensively. Also, the nutrients are readily available to the plants, and any excess simply drips away. 


You can look for fluorescent or HID lights for the space. Don`t forget to create a proper ventilation setup consisting of air conditioners, space heaters, and a chain of sensors that constantly monitor the environment in the room. 


Try these simple ways of growing cannabis inside your house. With the right tips and tricks to contain the smell, you can cultivate your very own stash that is accessible to you any time you like, even without leaving a hint to your neighbors. 



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