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5 Tips to Buy Pure Pine Tar Strain Online in Canada

As the Canadian Cannabis industry grows, online cannabis sales are also becoming popular. Currently, most if not all manufacturers of cannabis strains are selling their products online to ensure users all over the country can order various products. Whether you are a newbie or a pro, getting cannabis products online can be challenging due to the rise of scammers and websites selling fake items. It can also be challenging due to different websites and dispensaries offering these products.  

Before buying pine tar strain in Canada, you need to follow various guidelines to avoid becoming a victim of scamming or fake products. You also need to be careful in your selection process to get the best products from the best dealers. Here are some guidelines to get pure and quality pine tar strain online in Canada.


Identify the potential sources of strains 

There are numerous online platforms to get pine tar strain online; however, you need to consider whether they are genuine or not. Nowadays, you can easily buy all marijuana products online; the challenge is that some platforms are fake or deal in fake products that may harm you. If you are new to buying the products online, you can search for reputable sites on Facebook and social media networks.  

Most dealers advertise their products on these social media platforms then post a link to redirect you to their page. The result will provide a list of websites dealing with pine tar strain in Canada. You can also browse for marijuana dispensaries with pine tar strain. This will give you a list of dispensaries around Canada or ship you the pine tar strain closer to your location. When browsing for the dealers, ensure you limit the search to specific locations to get dealers closer to you. This will save you the burden of shipment costs. 


Verify the dealer 

Once you get the websites and the dispensaries with the pine tar strain, you need to confirm whether they have quality products, offer excellent services, and have good sales terms and policies. Before you order pure pine tar strain online in Canada, you must confirm the websites’ reputation to ensure they are not a scam.  

You can understand more about the websites and the dispensaries through customer reviews. Most of them will include their customer reviews on the products page; you can read through the comments to help you make decisions. If you can’t see the customer reviews section, you can check the company reviews from other third-party websites such as Reddit or Quora.  

Alternatively, you can ask about these websites and dispensaries on social media groups. Not all responses will be positive; hence you need to consider those with the highest positive rating. You need to avoid the website or dispensary with negative responses. You can also focus on those dealers dealing in cannabis strains for longer durations. Such dealers are recognized for quality products and compliance with all regulations.  


Check the terms and conditions 

Once you get a list of potential websites and dispensaries, you need to eliminate more until you remain with two or one. The next criteria involve checking their terms and conditions. You need to confirm the services’ excellence by checking how long they take to deliver the shipment. You also need to verify their products return policies. If you get a less potent strain, can the website refund your money or exchange it with another?  

You also need to confirm their licensing, certification, and years of operations. Ensure the relevant authority licenses have certified the website to deliver the services. They must also have certification and approval from other healthcare bodies. You can also check for third-party product approvals. All the information should be on the website, including their human resource, qualification, and years of experience. 

Ensure the staff has the relevant years of experience to ensure excellent services. The qualified staff is also essential in ensuring you get the correct dosage and prescription. If you plan to get the strain from a dispensary, you need to check the certification of the lead pharmacologist and other assistants. Check if they have certification from the top or recognized universities in the country and abroad.  


Payment terms and conditions 

Most people have been scammed due to the unrecognized payment terms and conditions. Since you are buying online, you need to ensure the website allows payment terms you are familiar with. Consider PayPal, credit cards, and other forms of payments using cards. You should reject terms such as pay on delivery or other payments such as Bitcoin. 

 Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency payments are currently affecting transactions; hence you need to avoid websites that only accept cryptocurrency payments. You can trust websites that accept multiple payment forms; however, you should ensure that you are familiar with forms of payment.  


Delivery conditions and extra charges 

Before you order the product, you need to understand other conditions such as the delivery services they use and any other costs such as shipments. If you have a website that requires shipment costs and offers free shipment, you should settle on the latter.  

Once you select your website or dispensary, you can order and wait for the delivery. Before you accept the delivery and sign, confirm the product packaging and any other attachments as per the website. When you suspect anything such as seal tampering, poor packaging, and lack of other items indicated in the sales agreement, you can seek instant product return. If the product meets all these conditions, you can accept the delivery and sign off. 



Getting pine tar strain in Canada should not be difficult as long as you follow the necessary guidelines. The guidelines are essential in ensuring you get genuine, quality products from reputable organizations. They also protect you from scammers. Before settling on the website, ensure you eliminate and verify it against the details discussed here.  

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