5 Simple Ways To Give Your Kitchen Countertop A Makeover

If you have been cooking in the same kitchen for years, you might be a little bored at some point. That’s when you must spice things up! You can start by buying new accessories and colouring the kitchen walls. Or, you can begin decorating the most important part – the kitchen benchtops.

Kitchen benchtops are where you probably spend most of the time preparing exquisite cuisine. You can add some interesting cutlery and chopping boards and modify the tabletop material to make it look brand new.

Here are the most amazing ways to give your countertop a makeover!

Add Some Greenery

Including some greens in your beloved kitchen will make it look fabulous. And the best place to position plants is on your tabletop. You can place small potted plants to enhance the beauty of your kitchen table.

So, plants like aloe vera, English ivy, and peace lily are excellent options to adorn your kitchen tables. You might also keep a combination of plants and flowers to elevate the look.

Another great decoration tactic is to keep fresh herbs on the kitchen table corner and small plants. It will allow you to snip herbs and add them to the dishes you cook.

Put New Cutting Boards

You probably need a variety of cutting boards for daily kitchen activities like chopping veggies and fruits. That’s why you need to revamp them too! Cutting boards add a lot of character to your kitchen tabletop and are also practical.

For instance, you can add a variety of wooden cutting boards having different shapes and sizes. Place the larger ones against the wall and the smaller ones in front. Positioning them horizontally and vertically will also style the place up.

Cookbooks Are The Way To Go

An excellent decoration technique is to keep some of your favourite cookbooks having attractive covers on the table. You can keep two or more books stacked up in a corner. Or, you can use bookends to place them vertically and give it a new style twist.

A potted plant can be a fantastic bookend and make the place look more stylish. In addition, you can place a large cookbook in a corner and keep the page of your favourite recipe open.

Brighten It Up With a Lamp

Does the corner of your tabletop seem dark? The best way to brighten up those corners is by adding a small lamp. You can add the light anywhere on your table, as long as it looks bright. Keeping the lamp close to a power outlet will make it easier for you to operate it.

Lamps will quickly add a homey vibe to your kitchen and offer you more visibility while cooking.

Enhance Elegance With Some Art

Do you wish to make your kitchen benchtops classy? Then adding some work of art is the ideal option. So, get a medium-sized canvas with some abstract art and lean it against the backsplash.

Art makes the kitchen space more dignified and adds some depth to it. That’s why it’s essential to select the suitable artwork for your kitchen table.

The Bottom Line

Besides styling your kitchen benchtop with plants and art, you need to clean it. A neat and clean tabletop will always look amazing. So, remove the clutter and only keep the accessories you need daily.

You can keep unimportant items in a drawer under the table or a basket. Style your kitchen countertop and see the difference.

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