5 Reasons to Hire a Human Resource Specialist for Your Medium-Sized Business

Do you own a medium-sized business that has been getting by without a dedicated human resource specialist/representative up until this point? Are you starting to question if that’s the best idea for your company? Have you been checking out other businesses in your industry, similarly sized, but who have an HR department? The fact is that it may be time to think about following their lead and hiring an HR specialist. Here are five reasons to hire an HR specialist.

Take Control of the Recruitment Process

Is your business in need of more employees but you’re looking for experienced, trained, and skilled applicants? Recruiting and hiring new staff can be a very time-consuming process, especially if you’re juggling it with other responsibilities. This is one of the best ways an HR representative can help, as they will take over the job of recruitment, hiring and training.

Give Employees a Point Person to Speak to About Concerns and Issues

Ideally, you have the kind of workplace that runs smoothly and where employee conflicts are few and far between. But that’s not always the reality. Issues will occur and an HR representative can act as the point person to whom employees can feel comfortable going. They can discuss their concerns and trust that discretion will be used, and that the HR representative will find a solution.

Terminating an Employee Is a Sensitive Process

Terminating an employee can be a very unpleasant situation for all parties involved. But it’s not just the emotions that play into it, as there are also specific steps that need to be taken and that it needs to remain professional at all times. A human resource specialist is trained in how to terminate an employee, knowing all the steps to take and how important it is to write down and record everything being said in the meeting.

The HR Department Will Take Care of Administrative Duties

There are lots of administrative duties when dealing with employees and this is another task where an HR representative proves useful. They will be the one who looks after tracking vacation time, holds performance reviews, looks after the company benefits program, speaks to employees about their job goals and expectations, and so on. These are tasks that most business owners simply don’t have the energy and time for.

You Can Look at Outsourcing Your Needs

If you’re unconvinced you need a full-time human resource specialist or you don’t want to go through the effort of hiring one, another option is to outsource your needs. You can still make full use of an experienced HR representative, but there’s no need to hire and train one on-site.

If your medium-sized business has recently undergone growth or is poised to grow soon and it feels like your plate is full enough, then it makes complete sense to bring in an HR representative that can take over recruitment, hiring, administrative tasks, solving workplace issues and terminating employees.


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