5 Outdoor Subscription Boxes to Try in 2022

Outdoor subscription boxes are a marketing strategy to get products out to people. They are a great way to find new outdoor products every month. Whether you’re a hunter or hiker, an outdoor subscription box is an excellent way to keep your passion alive. You can choose from a wide range of snacks, gear, and things specific to the box you choose. Read on as we discuss the five best outdoor subscription boxes available.

5 Outdoor Subscription Boxes to Try in 2022

1. Battlbox

BattlBox is the first among the high quality outdoor subscription boxes. It is a monthly service that sends you a box full of camping and survival kits. Their kits are mostly high-quality, and based on the brands and types of gear they’ve chosen; it’s clear that Battlbox wants to win your trust. This survival gear comes in several sizes and has a wide range of supplies and tools. They can provide basic shelter against the weather, keep a person warm, meet essential health and first-aid needs, provide food and drink, and signal rescuers while hiking or camping.

While some things may seem complicated to use at first, the company has an original Netflix show and blog posts to help you. Getting a Battlbox subscription box has a lot of advantages, like the following:

  • First, you can see how to use the goods on the Southern Survival show that comes with it.
  • You can choose to buy a subscription or buy each item separately.
  • There are competitions for prizes every month.
  • Also, account flexibility is excellent.
  • You can earn BattlBucks and use them to buy unique items.
  • You can also ship certain goods for free.

2. Crateclub

Crateclub is another excellent subscription box among the outdoor subscriptions available. However, it’s run by US Special Forces veterans. Your subscription box’s content, value, and price are all based on the plan you choose. There are four options you can choose from.

The Standard plan is the least expensive, and it comes with a monthly supply of basic tactical gear approved by former Special Ops soldiers who used to be in the army. Each month, the subscription costs $34.99; for a 6-month subscription, it costs $26.99 per month and $23.99 monthly. Also, if you want to use pro-level equipment, you can choose the Pro plan.

Crateclub has two packages; Captain and General. In the captain package, you get the best mix of survival and tactical gear for every day of the week. The tactical gear subscription from Crate Club comes with many different things, from tactical clothes for your next mission to some essential EDC gear that you should always have with you. Some other items could be Combat Helmets, Tactical Knives, First Aid Kits, and Tactical Vests. 

The general package is the most comprehensive and high-end option, designed for the most seasoned survivors. Navy SEALs and special forces use tactical and survival equipment. This is the 007 of tactical gearboxes, including a real-life tactical kit on the front lines. Custom bulletproof bag inserts, bags with hidden pouches, tactical self-defense flashlights, knives, binoculars are among the products available.

3. Cairn

Asides from the top outdoor subscription boxes, Battlbox and Crateclub, Cairn is a monthly subscription box for hikers and people who like the outdoors, and it is suitable for both men and women. Remember to set your activity preferences in your account when you sign up. A monthly box can be bought for as little as $27 if you pay for it all at once. If you pay for it every month, it costs about $30. Boxes come with up to six full-size outdoor supplies that are useful for food and energy bars, as well as knives and camping gear. 

4. Nomadik

Aside from the top outdoor subscription boxes, Battlbox and Crateclub, Nomadik is another subscription service for outdoor enthusiasts. It has a range of outdoor gear personalized to your activities, as well as interesting brands you’ve probably never heard of. The Nomadik Subscription Box concept is designed to keep you stocked up on items you’ll use.

Nomadik asks you specific questions about your hobbies and the gear you already have after you receive your first package. The rest of your boxes are then customized based on your preferences. Brands like Mountainsmith, United by Blue, Grand Trunk, luminAID, and HydraPakbrand have been used. 

  1. Clubtac

Clubtac comes as the fifth on the list, and it features the Standard, Pro, and Premium packages. The standard subscription includes a monthly package delivery of extremely cool and helpful survival/tactical gear. Tactical technologies and some objects that are just plain wonderful in their military manner are also featured in these crates. 

The pro package offers exceptional value and is a significant boost above the Standard Crate. It’s for individuals who are building a gear stash and want to be ready for whatever life throws at them. Further, the Premium package contains everything in the Standard and Pro packages and even more.


It is fun and easy to learn about new things that can help you get more out of your time outside with outdoor subscription boxes. Gifts that come in monthly and quarterly boxes, including snacks, accessories, and clothing, are great. The best outdoor subscription box is based on how much you enjoy spending time outside.

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