5 Most Reputable News Sources in 2022

Biases are so prevalent and inescapable that even AI robots have personalities of their own. Some are racist, while others are prone to conspiracy theories.

Why? It all comes down to the data they’re exposed to.

It’s impossible to provide data without some sort of bias. Further, we’re also exposed to misinformation often, too. So, we can’t expect our news outlets to be perfect or bias-free.

What we can expect, though, is for them to provide reputable and reliable information.

Scoping out reputable news sources in 2022 is harder than you’d think, though. Biases can encourage news outlets to publish fake news.

Read on to learn our top 5 picks for the most honest news sources.

  1. C-SPAN: Nothing But the Facts

Among the most reputable news sources available in 2022 is C-SPAN. C-SPAN got its start back in 1979. The channel itself is a feed of real talks among Congressional representatives.

While it doesn’t “report” the news, it brings it to you by letting you in on what Congress is talking about. The organization is a non-profit public service.

They also allow anyone to use their video coverage to spread information. If you want to use C-SPAN video to report the news, then you can. All you need to do is find additional information on how to successfully create a press release.

  1. The Associated Press: Truth > Narratives

When it comes to reputable international news sources, the Associated Press is a top pick. Since AP is global, local politics don’t dictate the news they report on.

Further, they aren’t incentivized to take on one side of a narrative over another.

  1. Reuters: Facts Without an Authoritarian Bias

Reuters news has gotten a bad rep as of late due to not rejecting the Russian perspective. That’s because this top-tier news organization has a non-authoritarian bias.

This unique perspective helps them report from the perspective of an average citizen! Here, you can get the facts without the government narrative.

  1. NPR: Journalistic Excellence

NPR is a liberal-leaning reputable news source. While it has a clear bias, its journalistic integrity is top notch. If they make a mistake, then they’ll be honest about it.

  1. Fox News: Fair and Far-Reaching

When it comes to reputable right wing news sources, Fox News comes out on top. While many Americans might disagree, Fox News is well-known for its honest reporting.

They dive into topics that other mainstream outlets won’t touch.

They’re biased but factual like NPR.

Reputable News Sources to Follow in 2022

As we head further into 2022, it’s never been more important to follow reputable news sources. More outlets are publishing fake news with the intent of pushing a narrative. That’s NOT OKAY.

Show your disapproval by pulling your support from these organizations. Instead, follow a reputable news source that will be honest about their mistakes. You also want to follow sources that are clear about their biases.

The above five sources do exactly that.

Was this article helpful and informative? If so, then know that we’ve got more where that came from! Click over to our education section for more articles like this one.



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