4 Ways to Elevate a Cape Coat Outfit

Trench coats and cape coat outfits used to be some of the fashion staples in haute couture and Paris runways. Today, with high-end fashion gradually penetrating the global streetwear scene, luxury outerwear is beginning to redefine itself as the new icon for the modern streetwear aesthetic. 

Since the concept behind some streetwear subgenres revolves around the use of modern outerwear, retail companies have done their best to incorporate diverse designs that can cater to a wide range of consumers. Outerwear has also evolved within the last decade and high-tech textiles have been incorporated into the production. 

Today, there are different types of outerwear you can choose from depending on the season and activity. Humans have been wearing outerwear since the beginning of time. Just like us, our ancestors utilized outerwear to protect themselves from extreme weather. They were usually worn as a cloak, spread over the body like a shawl. 

These early forms of outerwear were made of materials gathered from nature such as animal skin or fur. Although our ancestors did not have the technology we do today, the resources available have been used effectively to develop clothing that protects them in harsh environments. Though outerwear today has completely evolved into modern standards, many designs have remained true to their original roots. 

A cape coat outfit that drapes beautifully around the body is still an outerwear staple for both men and women until today. Coats provide a certain atmosphere of sophistication that other forms of outerwear can’t. That’s why in this article, we’re going to give 4 cape coat outfit ideas that you can try for different types of occasions.

  1. Patterned Cape Coat Outfit

Patterned cape coats can provide a 3-dimensional effect to your overall look. Though many people are afraid of wearing patterned clothing, there’s usually a style and color that’s suitable for everyone. Wearing patterned outerwear, however, should always be balanced with the other aspects of your outfit. Finding clothes that can provide the right contrast with your outerwear should always be the goal when choosing the right pieces from your wardrobe.

2. Monochromatic Cape Coat Outfit

Wearing an earth-colored top and pants along with your cape coat outfit can provide a sophisticated look. While matching the colors may seem redundant, this type of cohesion would always be considered timeless and classy. This type of look is always a great choice if you’re wearing a suit underneath or even something business casual.

3. Gothic Cape Coat Outfit

Gothic cape coat outfits can add a certain aura of mystery to the overall aesthetic. They can go well with a suit or a business attire but are also considered staples of dark academia core. They go well with outfits that play with plaid or checkered patterns as well as leather types of footwear

  1. Fur Collar Cape Coat Outfit

Any type of outerwear that has a fur collar can provide a rugged aesthetic to your overall attire. A fur collar cape coat outfit can provide a textural effect for an outfit that may seem too bland. If you’re sporting the normal t-shirt and jeans type of look, a great way to elevate your style is to pick a fur collar cape coat that can match different colors in your wardrobe.


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