3 Reasons You Need a Garage Doors Tune-up

Garage doors have been an essential part of every home for decades. They are the largest moving object of the average home, so they require occasional maintenance. However, people often forget about them and, after a while, the doors can start to malfunction or get stuck. 

The main issue is that garage doors come with many intricate moving parts. Suppose something goes wrong, like if one of the parts stops working, it can cause problems in the whole system. These can range from easy 5-minute fixes to issues that require professional assistance. 

There can be many different circumstances where your garage doors stop working correctly, and since they’re large and heavy, you have to be very cautious while working on them. Prevention is the best cure here, and noticing problems early on can save you headaches down the line, so let’s see when you may need to fix your garage door. 

Safety comes first 

One of the 3 reasons you need a garage door tune-up is, of course, safety. Nothing is more important than someone’s health – no matter if it’s you, your family, friends, or pets. Things can go south quickly if the door falls on someone, especially if it already has serious problems.

There were many cases of accidents, and even the tiniest things can cause injuries. That’s why you need to make sure everything is safe and sound. Proceed with caution when trying to fix the problem yourself, and if it’s too risky, you should call a professional.

We suggest you install sensors on your garage door. That way, you reduce many injury risks, but try not to place any objects near the sensors –if there is anything in the way, move it somewhere else, so the sensors can work properly. 

Maintenance saves bucks 

To prevent inconveniences in the future, you need to spend a few minutes working on your garage door at least once or twice a year. Maintenance can mean a basic inspection, easy repair, or having a professional do it. If you aren’t sure what the exact problem is, do some research online, or read the manual. If you want to figure things out yourself, you must have all the necessary tools and know-how to use them.  

Inspect the garage motor 

If your garage door is not opening, you might check the garage motor. See if it’s getting any power. If not, check if there’s a problem with the outlet by plugging another device in to see if it works. You can also check if the power switch on the wall is working or check your house control panel and reset the breaker switch.  

Get rid of unwanted noise 

Listen for any unusual noises coming from the garage hardware. Hearing noises from the garage door is normal, but loud screeching is a sign that it’s time for maintenance. Before you start, turn off the garage motor. You’ll want to use lithium grease here and spray all the moving parts like rollers, hinges, and springs. Lubrication will reduce the noise, and the door will work nicely and smoothly. 

When you finish with lubrication, you might not hear an instant difference. Our advice is to open and close the door 5–6 times a day, and within a day or two, your door should be free of any screeching or grinding noises. After solving that, you won’t be waking up your family members or the neighbors! 

Tighten up the parts 

If the moving parts feel slightly off, check if they’re tight. After opening and closing the garage door, the hardware can become loose over time, so inspect the garage rollers and tighten them up with a socket wrench. The only thing we wouldn’t recommend is that you tighten the torsion springs yourself. They can cause nasty injuries, so it’s better to call an experienced technician. 

Check the rollers 

You’re probably dealing with worn-out rollers, but you don’t know it yet. If you’ve been using the regular garage rollers for some time, that might be the reason why your garage door doesn’t open or close properly. They can also produce unpleasant sounds. Our suggestion would be to buy 13-ball bearing nylon rollers – these are filled with grease, so they don’t require additional lubrication.

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See if the drum cables got off 

If your garage door is closing unevenly, you’ll need to check if the cable has gotten off the garage drum, and that usually requires a skilled technician. You’ll need a vise grip, a ladder, and steady hands! Open the door, then attach a vise grip to the track beneath the bottom roller. Use your ladder to reach the cable, then grab a cable and rewind it. It’s important to put it on the high portion of the drum first. When done, hook it back to the drum. 

Check the weatherstrips 

If the drum cables were already aligned and there’s still air coming from the outside, you might want to check the weatherstrips. They are usually the bottom part of the garage doors. See if they’re in good condition. If they’re cracked or heavily worn, it’s time to replace them. 

Make sure that the moving parts are straight 

Check if the moving parts are slightly bent or asymmetrical. Over time, the garage track can become uneven from the constant door movement. Inspect the tracks from top to bottom to see if they’ve gotten stuck in random places. If they’ve gotten a bit of a curve to them, just take a vise grip and straighten them out. Also Read : Best garage heaters for 2021

Adjust the chain 

When the garage trolley moves back and forth, the chain that works around it might be slightly loose. There’s a nut between the trolley and garage motor that controls the chain – take a wrench and tighten it up about an inch. That way, it will move in a straight line and will work more accurately. 

The garage door can last longer 

When you maintain the garage door regularly, you can improve its longevity. If you do things right, the garage door can even last you a couple of decades. Following the steps we mentioned will save you money in the long run and avoid any stressful scenarios. 


These problems can happen to anyone, but don’t worry. That’s why we’re here to help you out. Remember that safety is always a priority. Regular inspection and maintenance do matter. If you make things right, you won’t even need to buy a new garage door any time soon. It’s always important to keep these things in mind. That way, you’ll be worry-free, and everyone will be safe.  

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