3 Benefits of Using a Cloud-Based Salon Software

They say, “Every cloud has a silver lining” and we say that cloud-based salon software has quite a few silver linings. From enhanced productivity and staff efficiency to increased revenue and profitability, cloud-based salon software empowers you to transform your business in many ways. Perhaps, this explains the rising popularity of cloud-based software as a service amongst salons and spas. So, if you’re new to the idea of cloud-based software, and wondering what the buzz is all about, read along to know the benefits of using cloud-based salon software and how is technology better than traditional legacy systems.

Data Safety & Reliability 

Did you know that about 60% of salon businesses, at some point, complained about the loss of financial and client data due to either theft or due to system hardware and software failure? Aside from the risk of hacking, storing data on a physical server or computer at your premises has its own set of risks that no salon business should have to face. The internet is rife with stories of how businesses have lost crucial financial data due to security breaches and have lost data permanently. A cloud-based salon software eliminates the risk of data loss as it doesn’t store your data at your premises but on a remote server. All the data is safely stored and updated online on the remote server. All you need to access your data is a device such as a personal computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a phone and a web-based browser. Some of the best-in-class cloud-based salon software such as the one from Zenoti come with a host of features to keep your data secured. With highly advanced features such as role-based data access and geo-fencing, Zenoti substantially ups the ante against theft. On one end the role-based access eliminates the potential of data theft by rogue employees and on the other end, the geo-fencing feature creates a virtual fence around your physical store beyond which full functionality of the software is not permitted. 

Other than ensuring complete security of data, cloud-based salon software also ensures the reliability of the data. As the software has a centralized database, it validates data entry at every step and ensures that consistency is maintained. 

Affordability & Scalability

When it comes to affordability and scalability, nothing can beat the advantages of cloud-based salon software. Unlike a traditional or legacy system, which comprises hardware in the form of physical servers, computers, and software a cloud-based system only needs you to have a stable internet connection and your device. It goes without saying that less equipment means fewer upgrades and less maintenance. By switching to a cloud-based salon software, you no longer do you have to keep periodically updating your hardware (simply because it is no longer compatible with the latest version of the software or just because the system has slowed down) or your software because cloud-based software is both updated and maintained remotely. Further, as the updates are usually rolled out globally, it means that the newer features and enhanced security, etc. are accessible to you as soon as you log on to the software. As a result, downtime due to system upgrades no longer exists. Moreover, as cloud-based salon software is optimized to work on touch devices, they also eliminate the need for a desktop or a laptop and can be easily accessed over a tablet or a phone. 

An area where the cloud-based software scores considerably better over a legacy system is scalability. If you’re looking to grow or already have your business operating from multiple locations, you are well aware of the limitations that legacy systems pose. In order to work in tandem, the physical servers at various locations have to be connected over the internet. A cloud-based salon software has no such requirement. Since the entire data is online and centralized, all you need to do is create a new location in the software and copy the functions into the new location. In little to no time, you have a system that is up and running. 


Ah! The convenience of accessibility on the go. A cloud-based salon software enables you to access your business data from anywhere in the world and 24x7x365. All you need is the internet and a device such as a tablet or a phone and you are all set. Whether you want to get a comprehensive view of the business or individual location-wise data, the system allows you generate reports in just a few clicks. No longer do you have to be physically in the store or near it to see how your business is performing. From appointments calendar and daily sales reports to performance data and financial reports, a cloud-based salon software allows you to access all information on the go. 

Besides the above-mentioned benefits, a cloud based salon software does have a host of other advantages and can help you manage your inventory, improve your marketing, prepare your books of accounts, and run your loyalty program. One such cloud-based salon software is Zenoti, which offers a complete end-of-end solution, with features coming in separate modules such that you can select the features based on your business requirement and goals.


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