21 Fall Nail Color Trends to Try In 2022 

Since fall is most people’s favorite season for nail art and color, it must conjure up images of earthy neutrals like tone browns and nocturnal blues in the twilight sky. While the color selection is quite personal, several trends are common for the season, such as “transitioning to darker tones and beginning to experiment with matte or velvet textures.” So naturally, the more color options you have, the easier it will be to develop fresh concepts. Here are the twenty-one most popular nail colors you can try in the autumn season. 

1. Creamy Blue

The creamy blue color looks like a powdered and neat color tone, which you’ll love. These colors have the softness of a cloud. It’s also great for layering with white or chambray denim, and it’ll give your work clothes a new lease on life. Whether you’re brunette or blonde, these milky blue nails are sure to complement all types of nail shapes and set the tone for your fall day. 

2. Ombre 

Ombre shading is yet another stunning method to show off your lovely nail colors in an ultra-cool way. A beautiful soft hue will give your typical manicure a quirky twist, especially if it’s done in fall’s favorite shades. Combine moss with tiger orange or emerald green with dark cheddar for some of the season’s most unusual ombre nail combinations. 

3. Royal Dark Teal  

This rich dark jewel tone is the coolest manicure for fall. Lighter turquoise and teal are summer fingernail hues, while this rich and dark tone is the trendiest mani for the fall. Combine your turquoise nail color with soft or black neutrals like tan or sand for the most pleasing results. 

4. Milk Chocolate  

This hue looks sweet when paired with lighter neutrals, gives a trifle sumptuous effect, and provides a distinct bite. This hot cocoa nail color looks fantastic with warm woolens and brown colored leather boots during the winters. 

5. Soft Red  

A delectable pair of cranberry nails is also among the top color options if you want a more contemporary, on-trend style. Bear in mind that every hue may be used on your nails to enhance the attractiveness of your hands. The soft red color is also versatile and looks good on short nails. 

6. Glossy Fuchsia 

Next on the list, the fuchsia manicure is now the height of opulence. Fuchsia’s vibrant color will brighten your nails and your attitude. This highly glossy fuchsia color is perfect for almond or coffin-shaped nails, and it’s poised to become the new fall favorite. You’ll almost feel like you’ve been transported to a tropical region! 

7. Light Gray 

The frosty and washed-out gray is one of the season’s most elegant manicure hues. The light gray nails help you achieve a soft and lovely hue in a business conference as they will at any other event such as a wedding because they are a discreet tone. In addition, this manicure appears wonderfully feminine in your almond-shaped nails with square tips, and it’s less austere than darker hues. 

8. Glitter 

This fall, glitter around your nails will brighten them attractively while also providing a 3D effect. From cocktails to parties, sparkling nails are a terrific way to show off your hands at every gathering. There are many possibilities, but you’ll love this gold glitter paint on the feature nails with solid and nude gold on your fingers. 

9. Sand 

The sand tone is perhaps the most polished nail color on the list. Sand’s success stems from its simplicity of application, and it’s so adaptable to wear in practically any setting while still looking fantastic. In addition, sand hue creates a distinctive mani that flatters everyone, regardless of your complexion. 

10. Holographic Nails  

Next, the holographic nails are the set’s least expected and maybe most stunning nail designs. This mani’s mirror look can be achieved by layering reflective colors over your standard varnish. Try a refined version of this style in royal purple, which has a subtle sheen instead of a futuristic vibe. 

11. Olive 

Olive green is a beautiful grayish-green tint that makes for a great and simple manicure. It isn’t too bright or vivid to be challenging to wear, and it goes nicely with a variety of other hues. Maroon, beige, brown, purple, and red are examples of these colors. You may also experiment with different finishes for a more feminine look, such as matte nails or glitter lacquer. 

12. Mustard 

Mustard is a dark yellow tint that is more wearable than brighter yellows. It has a lot of vitality and maybe a fun accent to your nail art. It’s also a fantastic way to brighten your day and improve your appearance. Furthermore, mustard has a warm tone, making it a popular option for nail art and a significant fall hue. 

13. Dusty Pink 

The beauty of dusty pink nails is that they are a timeless and classic shade that you can wear all year and for different situations, including more formal ones. A faint shade of pink with a delicate and soft look, similar to a pastel color, characterizes it the best. 

14. White 

White is a classic nail art color that will never change its style. It is also a hue linked with purity, innocence, and fresh beginnings and provides your nails with a clean and crisp appearance. It’s a fantastic color since it goes with everything and is simple to wear. This color may also be used in various styles, including the basics like a French tip manicure.

15. Pastel Orange 

One of the most beautiful, soft hues to attempt is pastel orange. The color is light and airy, making it more wearable than brighter, stronger hues. Orange is a great color to wear on its own or with fascinating nail art since it is connected with warmth, excitement, and determination. You may paint a white base coat before painting the color to make it stand out. 

16. Bright Orange  

Bright orange is an excellent alternative to pastel orange for women who want to make a statement. It’s associated with sunlight and creativity, and it makes even the most basic manicure appear adventurous and entertaining. Apply a consistent shade of bright orange to each fingernail. Alternatively, go for a blazing effect by mixing red and yellow. This is an excellent choice if you have skin with a neutral undertone. 

17. Plum

Plum is a rich reddish-purple color that has a link with elegance. It’s a lovely hue appropriate for various events, including more formal ones, because it’s not too loud but elegant. It looks best on ladies with light skin tones, and you may pair it with your preferred dark lipstick hue. 

18. Lilac  

Since it is light and pale, lilac is a lovely and easy-to-wear hue. Lilac also goes nicely with florals; use it as a foundation tone for little flower accents in your nail art. Negative spacing, lilac French tips, or an entire fingernail painted in this beautiful color are all the variations you can try. 

19. Eggplant 

The color eggplant is ideal for the fall season. It’s a deep purple-brown shade that’s an excellent choice for women looking for something distinctive. However, it’s a lighter shade than black but not quite as delicate as pinks and lilacs. This eggplant shade is not only adaptable, but it also goes with a variety of lengths and shapes of nails. 

20. Dark Blue  

Dark blue is a deep hue that conjures up images of wealth and elegance. It’s an excellent nail polish that will offer your hands a colorful makeover. With this hue as a foundation color, nail art in lighter tones like silver and gold looks fantastic. But, when it comes to style, stick to primary, neutral colors and allow your manicure to take the stage. 

21. Blush 

Blush, a moderate shade of pink, is one of the most beautiful fall nail colors that looks great on females of all ages and complexion tones. Not only that, but regardless of your nail length or shape, this is a beautiful hue that can be worn everywhere, even more, formal events and the office. 

Final Note 

A tried-and-true combination of vivid red, black, or navy will be on the cards when it comes to fall nail colors. However, if you genuinely want to be on-trend, opt for the more daring shades while lacquering up. It’s all about going for an out-of-the-ordinary hue and a new color makeover that’s a true show-stopper. 


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